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Explores how parenting education for children and teens addresses child abuse and neglect; cycles of violence; teen pregnancy; the needs for empathy and early sensitive care; mental health; paternal involvement; and latchkey children; as well as how such programming can be implemented in schools and youth programs.


This material is taken from a draft of a publication in preparation by Dana McDermott, Ph.D., entitled "Parenting education from k-12: Theoretical and empirical background and support." It provides theoretical bases that support the need for parenting education for children and teens; the length of time recommended; successful methods; and parent roles, as well as a reference list. Also included is an example of data supporting New York State Department of Education’s Scope of Instruction for Parenting Education. Portions of this material were prepared with support from New York State toward implementation of the 2001 parenting education requirement for high school graduation. It will be useful for many projects that call for theoretical framework and resources


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