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Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents
thanks the following organizations & individuals for their support of our work.

A.L. Mailman Family Foundation
Bernyce (Bunny) Adler
Alan and Jane Cornell Philanthropic Fund
Alan B. Slifka Foundation Inc.
Alfred and Ida Kobacker Foundation
Lawrence and Karen Altschul
Dr. Kerby Alvy
Bill Amirault
Bonnie Anderson
Andrew D. Friedland Memorial Fund
Gloria and Ed Anfang
Jane Arkin
Pat Armbruster
Joshua Arnow and Elyse Arnow Brill
Aronovitz Family Foundation
Sylvia Atkins
Avenging Angels
The Susan A. and Donald P. Babson Charitable Foundation
Keith Backer, Backer Law Firm
Maida and Ruben Bagtas
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Baine
Leon and Gloria Baker
Joan Message Barbuto
Walter and Carol Beebe
Renate Belville and Allen Fischer
Ben & Jerry's Foundation
Carol Benach
Myra Bennett
Bergen Polymers Inc.
Diane Bergen
Sharon J. Berlow
Honey Bernstein
Jack and Louise Birnberg Family Foundation
Don Blaustein and Roni Feinstein
Rachel and W.J. Blechman
Saree Block
Esther and Sidney Blum
Bodian & Bodian LLP
Martin Bodian
Maria Luisa & Margherita Bongiovanni
Charles Brainard
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Braunstein
Manfred and Anne Brecker
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Brenner
Florence Brody
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brooks
Bernice Bruteau
BTIO Educational Products Inc.
Gitanschu Buch and Wendy M. Berloe-Buch
Edward and Freyda Burns Family Foundation
Peggy Burton
C. C. Realty Company
Robin J. Caiola
Hugh Calkins
Rhoda Cargill
Edward and Norma Carl
Eugene Case
Dr. Christine Cassel and Michael McCally
Linda Champagne
Mr. and Mrs. Manny Charach
Alain Guy Chevrier
Hal and Doris Chorny
Robyn and Richard Chwatt
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Chychrun
Sue E. and James Claggett
Mark and Helen Cohan
Ben Cohen
Linda Hudson Cohen
Merle and Ken Cohen
Shirley Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Errol Cook
Toby Cooperman
Barbara and Gregory Copeland
Julie & Brad Copeland
Krin Cosner
Ruthe and Hal Cosner
Jessie Costello and Richard V. Chevalier
Jack Cuffari
Cuffari & Co. Inc.
Robert A. Cumins
Jacqueline and Donnell Cusaac
Norma S. Damashek and Joshua Fierer
Cecilia and Brian Dan
Daryl & Steven Roth Foundation
Michael Daszkal, CPA
Daszkal Bolton Manela Devlin & Co.
Day is Done Foundation
Kenna Dean, Act Now
Evelyn Deitchman
Shana Deitchman
Hugh Delano
Laura Delman
Lisa DeMarco
Mr. and Mrs. V. DeMarco
Laura DeMeo
Maxine Deutsch
Adrian W. DeWind
Jolene Diamantine
Rosanne Diamond
Mr. and Mrs. Don Dinkmeyer
Rebecca Doggett
Mimi Dryce and Robert Schultz
Lori Duckstein
The Edward S. Moore Family Foundation
Karen Eisenberg
Gillian and Peter Emblad
Catherine S. England
Charles and Elaine Evans
Gary Ferdman and Myriam Miedzian
Michael Ferdman and Regan Ihde
Linda Field
Dale and Ed Filhaber
Florelyn L. Fine
Paul and Doris Fischer
Debra and Robert Fisher
Patricia Fitzmaurice
Mr. and Mrs. John Fitzsimmons
Zoom Fleischer
Focus L.A.
Lisa and Shawn Friedkin
Skeets and Monte Friedkin
Francoise and Richard Friedman
Linda and Bernard Fromm
Linda M. Fromm Interiors
Millie Fulford
G & D Associates/Mandelbaum & Mandelbaum
Garfinkle Charitable Trust
Benjamin Garfinkle
Cookie Garfinkle and Morris Weinstein
Mr. and Mrs. David Garfinkle
Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Garfinkle
Rani Garfinkle
Steven and Victoria Garfinkle
Suzy Garfinkle
Adele Gafrinkle
Michael and Judy Garlick
Gary Geld
Mary Joan Gerson
Renee and Peter Gerstman
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Gevinson
Marion and Roger Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gilbert
Gimelstob Realty Commercial Inc.
Glickenhaus Foundation
Mark Glickman
Sally and Murray Glickman
Barry and Adrian Goetz
Pamela H. Goffman
Suzanne Goldberg and Sidney Wolfe
Ann Goldsmith
Joe Goldstein
Lila Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Goldstein
Steven Goldstein
Ida and Lewis Goodkin
Bill Goodlad
Bundy Goodman
Sally Kaufman Gorman
Leslie E. Gottlieb
Ross Grayson
Lisa Green
Ellen Greenbaum
Maurice and Beatrice Greenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Greenberg
Fred Greenberg
Andrew Greenblatt and Kim Bryan
Dr. Troy Hailparn
Randy Halpern and Dr. Peter Salomon
David Allen Harris
Gerald and Ronnie Harris
Linda and Stanley Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Harris
Stuart I. Harris
Harvey and Phyllis Sandler Foundation
Amy Henning
Henry & Elaine Kaufman Foundation Inc.
Ron Herbst
Ronald and Anna Hermann
Roger F. Herr
Michael Hirschhorn and Jimena Martinez
Helen Hirsty
Mildred A. Houtekier
Lou Howort
Cathleen Hulver
Gayle Inbinder
Joan R. Isaacs
Jack & Louise Birnberg Family Foundation
Jane and Robert Kantor Charitable Fund
Steven and Rosebud Jarecki
John Hancock Insurance
Jayne R. Joseph
Roy and Roberta Josepho
Sharon Josepho
Paula and Gregory Kachoris
Laurence Kallen
Betty Kane
Michael Kanter
Olga Kantor
Earle and Judy Kazis
Judith Keiser
Lisa Kelly
Pamela Kerlin
Dr. Nia Kessler
Dr. Margaret Kind
Jennie and John Kixmiller
Irwin Klein
James Kline
Sara Jo Kobacker

Pete Kolben
Laurie Koletsky
Arthur Kramer
Carole and George Kramer
Ezra Krieg
Krieger Charitable Trust
Gail and Keith Kronish
Betty G. Landis
Valerie Landis
Adele Lebersfeld
Bruce and Lyn Lebowitz
Carolann Leffler
Shari Leipzig
Gary Len
Rabbi Dan Levin
Tina Shaffran Levin
Andrea and Howard Levine
Abner Levine
Dr. Peggy Levison
Barry and Lois Levy
Lillian S. Levy
Robert Lewin
Lewis and Patricia Chamoy Family Philanthropic Fund
Bo and Erin Lewke
Carol and Bill Lewke
Barbara Lichtenstein
Jennifer Ligeti
Linda M. Fromm Interiors
Roxane Lipton
Livingston Foundation Inc.
Margaret Lloyd
LLS Foundation
London Sylvia
Kathy Louis
Peter and Elaine Lowe
M.B & Edna Zale Foundation
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Jennifer MacLeod
Mandelbaum & Krupnick
Mandelbaum Family Trust
Mandelbaum Foundation
Leonard Marks
Glenn Marlowe and Judith H. Geller-Marlowe
Wendy Masi
Harry Masin
Maxwell Financial Consulting Inc.
Lothar and Carlyn Mayer
Maytree Foundation
Carolyn McCormick and Jennings Byron
Dr. Dana McDermott
Jeff and Cherie Meacham
Frederick Meeder
Diane Eve Meier and Warren Sherman
Connie Meisel
Suzanne and Arthur Menor
Ina and Edward Miles
Miller-Sweezy Charitable Trust
Barbara Miner
Antoinette Minuzzo
Beth Mishkin
Carin Mishkind
Gail Mizel
David and Katherine Moore
Elaine Morgulis
Merry Morris
Mountcastle Kenneth F.
Blair and Philip Nadel
Wendy Rosenberg Nadel
Jasmine Nielsen
Nimhauser Cindy
James H. Nobil
Norman Shulevitz Foundation
Jodee LaMota Novak
Judy Opper
Geri De Lange Oppler
Mr. and Mrs. Manny Organek
Patricia Oser
Matthew Pace
Dr. and Mrs. Stefan Pasternack
Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody
Lisa and Marty Pechter
Jim Peck
Carolyn and Ross Peter
Susan and Bruce Petersen
Andrea Pfeiffer and Julian Birnbaum
Philip and Blair Nadel Family Foundation
Phillips Family Philanthropic Fund
Phillips Foundation
Phillips Philanthropic Fund
Larry Phillips
Roxane Phillips
Phillips-Green Foundation
Paula Pines
Gloria and Leon Plevin
Mimi Plevin-Foust and William Foust
Bill and Alice Pool
David and Katharine Popenoe
Elissa Porter
Lynda Posner
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Posner
Andrew and Andrea Potash
Dr. Alvin Poussaint
William and Gloria Powers
Janet Pozmantier
Jacqueline Puriefoy-Brinkley
Karol Quimby
Dr. Jane Raquepaw
Raymond and Ellen Goldberg Foundation
Raymond Lee Jeweler
Raymond Zimmerman Family Foundation
David Reff
Fred and Sue Richman
Robert and Elyse Rifkin
A. Richard Roberts and Jane E. Milliken
Rose and Jim Robinson
Leonard Rogoff
Mr. and Mrs. Len Rogoff
Stanley Romaine
The Rosenstiel Foundation
Florence Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Rosenthal
Joel and Elizabeth Rothman
Rouhana Family Foundation
Robin and Gary Rubin/GRR Enterprises
Leanne Ryan
Paula and Ned Ryan
Albert and Sylvia Safer
Sagner Family Foundation
Sara Lee Foundation
Ellen Sarnoff
Katherine L. Sartwell
Sidney Sass
Jilliene Schenkel
Beth Schiffer
Dr. Judith A Schiffer
Peter Schlegel
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schnurmacher
Michigan State Representative Mary Schroer
Carrie Schulman
Jane Carney Schulze
Schuman Zev
Dorothy Seaman
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Segan
Selma and Alvin Silverman Foundation
Tina Shaffran
Jim Shannon and Susan DeSouza
Allan M. Shapiro
Linda Shea
Robin Sherman
Cantor Stephanie Shore
Sol Silver
Mr. and Mrs. Shelley Silverstein
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Simon
Sydne Simon
Rabbi and Mrs. Merle Singer
Alice J Slater
John Slusarski
Peggy Smith
Carole Solomon
Ralph and Delores Solomon
Aaron Spellun
Kenneth and Joan Steinhouse
Jeffrey and Susan Stern
Barry Stone
Ted and Linda Struhl
August Swanenberg
Marilyn Swierk
Amy & Barry Taney
David A. Tapper
Temple Beth El
Terry Communications
Karen and Edward Terwilliger
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Thompson
Dorothy Uchin
California State Senator John B. Vasconcellos
Vogel Family Foundation
Joan M. Warburg
Carin and Keith Weinberg
Jay Weinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Moe Weinstein
Tammy and Jerry Weintraub
Bernice Weissbourd
Weithorn & Ehrmann Family Fund, Tides Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Westman
Congressman Robert Wexler
White Dog Cafe
Whizin Foundation
Ruth and Louis Willenkin
Christina Wilson
Jackie and Bertram Woolf
Morris Yamner
Jay Yanuzzi
Mr. and Mrs. Yarcusko
Peter Yarrow
Mr. and Mrs. Hank Yunes
Shelly and Paul Zacks
Colleen Zakrewsky
Marvin Zale
Raymond and Etta Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Zola
Zoller Family Philanthropic Fund
Lois Zoller
Roy and Edith Zuckerman

And many anonymous contributors


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