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Books that help children learn about babies, nurturing, and future parenting:

A Baby’s Coming to Your House! by Shelley Moore Thomas, a book that tells all about what it will be like to have a new baby in the house with funny and wonderful photos of diverse families for very young children.

Baby Science: How Babies Really Work by Ann Douglas, uses facts, pictures and fun exercises to help children understand more about what it’s like to be a baby.

Hello Benny! Growing Up Stories: What It’s Like to Be a Baby by Robie H. Harris with paragraphs about what babies like and need on every page along with the story

I’m a Big Sister and I’m a Big Brother by Joanna Cole, simple and sweet stories about gaining a baby sibling for very young children.

Let’s Talk About Having a New Brother or Sister by Diana Star Helmer, a book in which each page answers another question about babies and becoming a sibling

The Mommy Exchange, by Amy Hest (Four Winds), is a tale of two home-swapping friends (one an only child, the other with twin siblings) curious about the other's home life.

Oh, Boy! Babies! by Alison Cragin Herzig and Jane Lawrence Malin, is about 10 boys in an infant-care class who learn how to comfort and care for babies in order to become baby-sitters.

Shadow and the Ready Time, by Patty Sheehan and Maeno, teaches lessons of parenting and family through the adventures of a wolf pup returned from captivity to the wild.

What Baby Needs by William and Martha Sears & Christie Watts Kelly, the story of bringing a new baby into the family that shows children all the things they can do that babies can’t; includes boxes on many pages that answer "Making Friends With Your Baby" and "What About Me?" with additional information for parents about baby & older sibling relationships and attachment in parenting.

What to Expect When the New Baby Comes Home by Heidi Murkoff, co-author of the "What to Expect" series, poses and answers all kinds of questions about babies with the help of Angus the Answer Dog.

You're a Brother, Little Bunny! by Maribeth Boelts, a sweet story about a little bunny building a relationship with his newborn baby brother.

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