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It's time again for Prepare Tomorrow's Parents Month, from Mother's Day through Father's Day. This is an important opportunity for all educators and advocates of preparing children and teens for parenting to make a difference. Below are some tools for you to use during this period (and don't hesitate to contact PTP for help):

Special Connecticut Resources
for Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents Month.

Special Illinois Resources for Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents Month.

Special California Resources are being developed.

And many resources for all states:

Brochure explaining the importance of preparing tomorrow’s parents, and the help available to educators and advocates.

Poster to promote the importance of preparing young people for parenting, in pdf files for 8.5x11 and 11x17 sizes to print from a computer or send to a copy shop.

Press Releases to fax or email to your regional news outlets.

Sample Op Ed/Letter to the editor for you to personalize and send to your local newspapers.

Advocacy Chapter of the Guide, Preparing Tomorrow’s Parents: How to Bring Parenting Education for Children and Teens to your Schools, includes help for working with the media. For further assistance, email Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents or call 561-620-0256.

Proclamation for you to use to request official declaration of Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents Month from your governor, legislature, county board, city officials, etc.; your op ed or letter can include your request or that the government official has endorsed, signed off on, and issued this document.

Prepare Tomorrow's Month Reading List and Bookmark of books that help children learn about babies, nurturing, and parenting, for parents, schools and libraries.

Classroom-Ready Lessons and Home Activities for children and teens of all ages.

Ten Tips to Foster Nurturing in Children offer quick ideas for parents and others to take advantage of simple and natural opportunities to teach nurturing and prepare children of all ages for future parenting.

US Rep. Bob Filner's Congressional Floor Speech for 2005 PTP Month

Please keep Prepare Tomorrow's Parents informed about your published letters or op eds, and your signed proclamations! It is important for us to keep track, and we would like to give credit for your results!



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