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Tomorrow’s Parents Today:

How to Bring Parenting Education for Children & Teens to Your Schools
Comprehensive 182-page Advocacy Guide Available in Hard Copy or Online; 13-Minute Video Accompanies Guide with Order or Distributed Individually

Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents’ guide, Preparing Tomorrow’s Parents Today, is designed to provide educators, policy makers and other advocates with the tools and information to establish and operate parenting preparation programs for children and teens in their communities. The guide is accompanied by Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents' 13-minute video Preparing Tomorrow’s Parents. Single copies of the video are available free of charge.

The guide documents the need for parenting education for children and teens, describes in detail well-respected school-based programs currently available, and offers many resources for implementing parenting education programs for young people. See below for complete Table of Contents.

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About Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents — formerly The Parenting Project

Why Parenting Education For Children and Teens?
What’s in This Guide

Chapter I — NEED:

What is The Crisis in Parenting that Parenting Education Programs for Children and Teens Seek to Address?
The Changing American Family has Created New Issues in Parenting
Poorly Developed Nurturing and Relationship Skills Contribute to Inadequate Parenting
Child Abuse and Neglect Continue to Escalate in the U.S.
Child Abuse and Neglect are a Root Cause of Adult Violence, as well as Violence by and against Children
Teenage Pregnancy Is Linked to Poverty, Child Abuse and Neglect, Violence, and Other Problems for Children and Society

Uninvolved or Absent Fathers Are Linked to Child Abuse and Neglect and Other Problems for Children and Society

Chapter II — STRATEGY:
How Does Parenting Education for Children and Teens Address Society's Need for Good Parenting?
Parenting Education Develops Empathy and Caring
Parenting Education Improves Relationships in and out of the Classroom
Parenting Education Develops an Understanding of Child Development and Children's Needs
Parenting Education Provides Practical Instruction in Childrearing
Parenting Education Teaches Parental Responsibility
Parenting Education Promotes the Mental Health of Future Generations

Parenting Education for Children and Teens
Quick Reference for School-Based Programs
Program Descriptions
Family and Consumer Sciences
Other Programs:

  • Baby Think it Over® Program
  • Child Development, Parenting, and Parent Development
  • Dads Make a Difference™
  • Educating Children for Parenting ® (ECP)
  • Education for Parenting: Learning How to Care Curriculum
  • Nurturing Parenting Programs®: Developing Nurturing Skills®: K-12 School-Based Curricula and Nurturing Skills Curricula
  • Parents Under Construction™: Building Healthy Relationships Today and Strong Families Tomorrow
  • Roots of Empathy™

Summary Evaluations of School-Based Programs:

  • Baby Think it Over® Program
  • Dads Make a Difference™
  • Educating Children for Parenting ® (ECP)
  • Education for Parenting: Learning How to Care Curriculum
  • Parents Under Construction™: Building Healthy Relationships Today and Strong Families Tomorrow

Related Programs in Use in Schools and Community Organizations

  • Babysitting
  • Character Education
  • Conflict Resolution, Anti-Bullying and Other Violence Prevention
  • Lifeskills and Family and Consumer Sciences
  • School Health
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention


  • Family Support Centers
  • Religious Education Programs, Faith-Based Youth Groups, and Other Faith-Based Organizations
  • Youth Organizations

Chapter V — ADVOCACY:
How to Advocate For or Implement a Parenting Education Program For Children and Teens in your School or District
Advocating for a Parenting Education Program in Your School or District
Finding out What is Happening in Your State
Understanding How Schools Decide What Parenting Philosophy Should Inform the Curriculum
Anticipating the Response from Parents, Teachers, Administrators, and Others to Parenting Education Programs
Using the Local Press and Other Media to Support and Publicize the Need for Parenting Education Programs

At What Grade Levels Should Schools Provide Parenting Education?
Is Parenting Education a Separate Course or Can It Fit into Existing Curricula?
What Training Is Required to Teach Parenting Education?
What Are the Costs Associated with Developing and Implementing a Parenting Education Program?
What Funding Is Available to Support Parenting Education Programs?
What Evidence Is There That Parenting Education Is Effective?
How Can Potential Conflicts between Home and School Be Mitigated?

A. Summary Guidelines: What Should Parenting Education for Children and Teens Include?
B. U.S. State Information

    State Laws and Requirements Related to Parenting Education
    State Curriculum Standards, Guidelines, and Resources
    Family and Consumer Sciences Contacts: Associations, State and US Territories

    • National Standards
    • Contacts: Associations
    • Contacts: State
    • Contacts: U.S. Territories

C. Selected Resources: Books, Studies/Papers, Articles/Reports, Videotapes/Multimedia, Websites

III and IV.
PROGRAMS, Summary Evaluations of School-Based Programs


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