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Who we are

Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents, formerly The Parenting Project, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to addressing our nation's crises of child abuse, neglect & abandonment, teen pregnancy & overall violence by working to bring parenting, empathy & nurturing skills education to all school age children & teens.

Suzy Garfinkle, Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents’ Founder, is a parent advocate & the mother of three daughters. She describes her motivation for the project, "When I had my first child, I was nearly thirty; I had read all the books & had taken parenting & child development classes in college; I had been around the world alone & had worked in many fields, including child care, journalism & education. But nothing ever awed me as much as being responsible for my own infant. I have always wondered how parents who have had fewer opportunities to prepare & fewer resources can possibly manage."

She conceived Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents in 1995 with Dr. Myriam Miedzian, author of Boys Will Be Boys; Breaking the Link Between Masculinity & Violence, (& the article reprinted in this site from Sesame Street Parents Magazine) & Gary Ferdman, longtime non-profit organizer & fundraiser. Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents has since developed an extensive network of diverse expertise & accelerating momentum through our directors, advisors & supporters, including concerned parents, students, educators, physicians, psychologists, legislators, business leaders & other advocates of parenting education for children & teens.

What we believe

Parenting, empathy & nurturing skills must be taught in schools & other settings to young people from pre-K & elementary grades through high school.

. . .& why
  • All children deserve parents who are prepared to be present, bonded, nurturing & effective.
  • Understanding the responsibilities of effective parenting helps teens postpone this demanding role & helps adults choose it wisely.
  • The ability to empathize with & nurture others is crucial to positive early human development & cannot be left to chance.
  • Youngsters who have empathy & nurturing skills are less violent & less likely to become abusive parents.
  • Schools that promote emotional literacy report improved classroom climates in which learning flourishes.
What we do

Prepare Tomorrow’s Parents is working to bring parenting education to all school age children & teens by:

  • Identifying & promoting programs that provide parenting education for children & teens.
  • Maintaining an international clearinghouse of instructional materials for teachers & advocates of parenting education for young people.
  • Contact us at 561-620-0256 & a web site www.preparetomorrowsparents.org for information exchange, referrals & assistance.
  • Increasing public awareness of parenting education for young people through the media & in presentations.
  • Inspiring efforts & advising proponents throughout the U.S. & internationally.
  • Distributing our advocacy guide, Preparing Tomorrow’s Parents: How to Bring Parenting Education For Children & Teens to Your Schools.
  • Educating state & federal legislators about the importance of supporting parenting education for young people.

 For additional information, view our brochure at www.preparetomorrowsparents.org/brochure.html


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